How Do YOU Fight Your Battles? by Keri W.

How do you fight your battles? Do you fight them triumphantly, with the knowledge that the war is already won because Jesus Christ has conquered death, hell, and the grave? Or do you fight halfheartedly, frustrated that you’re having to go through another trial? Do you fight wearily? Sadly? With a spirit of defeat? Or do you fight with a sense of power and authority that comes only from being a child of the One True King?

I’m curious. How do you fight your battles?

We know that battles are meant to be a common occurrence in our lives. If they weren’t, the Apostle Paul would have never given us the knowledge of the Armor of God. If battles weren’t meant to be a recurring event, we would have no need for any of the pieces Paul lists, and we could just ignore the repeated words of Scripture that remind and encourage us to be strong and of a good courage, to stand firm in the faith, to remember that we war not against flesh and blood but against principalities in high places. Jesus never would have told us that in this world we will have troubles, but take heart, for he has overcome the world.

Battle is a part of life. Whether we like it not, whether we would choose it not. Battle, spiritual battle, is a part of life, and how you choose to fight the battles in your life determines how you come out on the other side of them.

One of the most important things to know when going into battle is knowing who you are (Called, Chosen, Redeemed, Loved, Forgiven, Freed, Healed…ect) and knowing whose you are (Child of Jesus Christ, our soon returning victorious King).

If you go into battle not knowing who you are or who you belong to, it makes it easy for our enemy to cut you down with lies such as; ‘You’re not good enough.’ ‘You’re broken.’ ‘Remember what you did three years ago?’ ‘You aren’t worthy.’ The devil loves to prey on our weaknesses, and he loves to play the shame game. He tells us that we are nothing, and that we are defined by our pasts. He pulls the old, “I’ll distract them, then I’ll discourage them, and then I’ll make them doubt.”

If you aren’t readily refuting his lies, he’ll have you doubting yourself, your faith, God, and your trust, and when that happens, a foothold for fear is created. When fear takes root, we find ourselves rendered helpless. Afraid to fight. Afraid to pray. Afraid to get back up.

The devil will try to convince you that you are not worthy to call on the name of Jesus, and that is a lie. 

Friend, if you are struggling with fear today, I want to remind you that fear is a spirit and lie from Satan himself. God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love and a sound mind. Fear is a spirit of torment, but the perfect love of God casts out all fear. (emphasis mine)

Go into battle knowing who you are and who you belong to.

Know that you, a Christian who has given your heart to God, are under the precious blood of the Lamb, and that you carry the authority of the Holy Spirit.

When you speak the name of Jesus, demons flee. When you speak the name of Jesus, heaven comes to fight for you. Chains are broken. Curses are turned into blessings. Sicknesses are healed. Darkness is chased away. What is broken is restored. What was lost is found.

Fight your battles by reading your Bible every day. Fight your battles by hitting your knees every day, by falling on your face and surrendering to God and giving Him your heart. Fight your battles by being established in the truth that you are surrounded by God’s love and presence.

Raise up a shout of praise, lift your hands and worship, and do it where your enemy can see you. Do it in their very presence. Sit down at the table God has prepared for you in their presence and taste and see that the Lord is good. Give God the highest praise and watch what happens.

Remind yourself of your testimony, and while you’re at it, remind the enemy, too. It is by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony that we overcome. It is not by might nor by power, but by the spirit of the Lord.

Fight your battles by surrounding yourself with God’s truth. Fight your battles by declaring that you belong to the one, true, sovereign God and remind the world and yourself that just as an earthly father fights for His children, our heavenly Father fights for you.

No one likes to see their child picked on or bullied, and just like the Perfect Father that He is, Jesus doesn’t take it lightly when you, His precious child, is attacked.

Are you familiar with the song Surrounded (fight my battles)? The author(s) of the song say that it looks like they’re surrounded by the enemy, but in truth, they are surrounded by the mighty presence of God. In psalms, we see that the Lord encampeths angels round about his people. Stop. Think about that. We are surrounded, encircled, protected, by heaven’s angels. When God says heaven fights for you, He means it. Remember that when it seems that the enemy is closing in and you’re backed into a wall.

Remember that you are surrounded by God.

That is how you fight your battles. You fight them by knowing, rejoicing in, and telling the enemy that you are surrounded by God. You fight your battles by praying, reading your Bible, listening to Godly music, taking every thought into captivity, doing everything as unto God, and in every thing, giving thanks.

That is how you fight. Triumphantly, like the soldier you are. You have the entire army of heaven around you. So why are you cast down? Why are you disquieted? (this verse is actually repeated twice in Psalm 42 and once in 43. Apparently, the writer wanted to make a point!)

Why are you weary? The same power that raised Jesus from the grave is LIVING inside of you. The same power that casts out demons, that heals the sick, that raises the dead, is living inside of you, is surrounding you.* The Lord of hosts is on your side, and the victory is yours. The God of angel armies is surrounding you. So claim your victory.

Remember and understand that at the name of Jesus, every other spirit must either flee or bow.

We are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ our Savior, and our weapons are not of this world. 

Raise a hallelujah. Turn on some worship music and get your praise on. The two songs that God has laid on my heart, both for myself and for you, are Surrounded (fight my battles) and Raise a Hallelujah (links below). Listen to them. Pray as they play. Repeat them. Get on your face and fight your battles. Get up and dance in the presence of the Lord. It is time to stop running. It’s time to stop being afraid. It’s time to stop being hesitant. It’s time to fight.

So, I’ll ask once more. How do you fight your battles?

My prayer for you today as you read this blog is that it brings a word of light and encouragement to your situation. As you can tell, I did my best to include references for every Bible verse I quoted so that you can mark those places in either your Bible or a prayer journal, or take the ones that speak to you and write them on note cards and keep them in prominent places, such as your purse, the bathroom mirror, your coffee maker, or the corner of your computer (or the background of your phone!). I urge you to not only read these verses, but to pray them. Memorize them. The Psalmist wrote that, Thy word have I hid in my heart so that I might not sin against Thee. Hide the precious words of God in your heart. Let them change you. Let them guide you.

I also believe that music is an incredibly important part of life, so I will always try to include a list of songs that correspond with the subject God has lain on my heart. As I already mentioned, two of the songs God told me to give you, and you will find them listed below. Listen to these songs. Pray with them. Music – anointed, Godly music – is another weapon our wonderful Father has given us.

I pray this blog has brought a word of life into your day and that it has encouraged you to step forward into the victory God has for you.

Recommended Songs:

  1. Surrounded (fight my battles)
  2. Raise a Hallelujah
  3. My Defender
  4. Break Every Chain
  5. By Your Spirit
  6. Same Power
  7. Victor’s Crown

Recommended Books:

  1. Spiritual Warfare Prayer by Judy Doughty (9th Street Publications)


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Sites used for reference are:

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* Instead of including Scripture references for theses instances, I encourage you to read the four Gospels and the accounts of the apostles in Acts, as you will read account after account of these miracles.

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